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Programs & Services

Technology & Information Delivered to Empower

Computer Learning

The TIDE Center

The TIDE Center is Turning the TIDE's technology center and its cornerstone program; implemented in 2001 with the corporate sponsorship of IBM. The TIDE Center has 13 WiFi enabled computer stations and is open to the public. Visitors have free access to the Center's computers, printers, and fax machine. It is open 20 hours per week, W-F (10am - 4pm) and THR (6pm - 8pm).

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The Love Your Neighbor Campaign

The Love Your Neighbor campaign is part of Turning the TIDE’s social impact initiatives – and provides COVID-19 information, resources, and support to residents in Philadelphia County (West Philadelphia) and Montgomery County (Lower Merion Township). The Love Your Neighbor campaign is a joint venture between Turning the TIDE and Bethel AME Church of Ardmore.  It is made possible by funding from the Temple University Lenfest Center for Community Workforce and the Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC).

Adult Students

The Learning Center

Through The Learning Center, Turning the TIDE offers digital literacy courses for youth and adults. These basic computer courses include introductions to Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Leveraging its technology center, The Learning Center also offers virtual and in-person Homework Help hours to K-12 students.  Finally, through a partnership with Drexel University, The TIDE Center also offers the Job Seeker Badge training, part of the Digital On-Ramps initiative.

In the Fall of 2018, The Learning Center introduced its adult literacy program, which offers basic reading, reading comprehension, and math instruction for adult learners, utilizing one-on-one instruction.  Since then, dozens of adult learners have used The Learning Center to help them become more competitive in the job market by reaching their continuing education goals. 

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The Garden

At The Garden, we begin to learn where food comes from, the power of healthy soil that produces healthy food that is full of nutrition, and how it impacts our health.  The Garden's mission is to improve the quality of life of families living in urban communities by equipping them with healthy food options and the gardening skills necessary to grow their own fresh produce.

In the Summer of 2021, The Garden introduced its first youth initiative called "Green Fingers" where youth ages 5-18 get a hands-on education about the joy and benefits of gardening.    

College Student

The LaunchPad Center

At the LaunchPad Center students in grades 8-12 get paired with a mentor from Turning the TIDE's Young Leaders Council who will help them navigate the daunting task of applying to college - and thriving in college once on campus.  The young adults who make up the Young Leaders Council are either college students or recent college graduates.


Young Leaders Council

Turning the TIDE's Young Leaders Council consists of a team of high-achieving young adults who convene approximately six times per year in order to help staff members at Turning the TIDE brainstorm and develop youth enrichment programs that are both timely and relevant.  The members of the Young Leaders Council are current college students or recent college graduates who also serve as mentors to college-bound high school students.

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