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Let the planting begin!

On a warm and sunny day in early May, a determined team, led by Lynn Rossiter and David Craig (who are both in the photo above on the far left), began the arduous task of transforming a typical backyard into an urban garden. The patch of land (which measures approximately 1,000 square feet) was granted to Turning the TIDE by Taylor Tabernacle. We invite you to drop by and witness the evolution of the land from grass into a beautiful fruit and vegetable garden that will produce healthy food for the benefit of all community members. Our goal for this summer is to provide a hands-on experience for youth ages 5-18. We aim to educate them about the lifecycle of food, conduct cooking classes, and provide a community space for everyone to enjoy.

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lillian davis
lillian davis
21 juil. 2021

Yes. The garden is growing faster than what I expected!!! Looking forward to tasting the harvest😋

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